User Experience Psychology Improvements for Riot Games (Master’s Case Study)

Optimizing Working Memory in Legends of Runeterra by Rodger Caudill     Using the Big 5 to Market a Card Game by Rodger Caudill     Escalating Commitment to Sell Digital Card Games by Rodger Caudill     Group Polarization // Combating Online Disinhibition Effect in Online Games by Rodger Caudill

Disability as UX Error

A blind man walks into a bar. The bartender asks him what he's having. The blind man points to the shelf of expired grape juice. The bartender, amazed by the man's ability to point at an over aged grape water asks how the man is able to navigate the space so effortlessly. The blind man … Continue reading Disability as UX Error

Market Strategy for Emergent Space Tourism Industry

During the Fall quarter of my second year at UW, the Communication Leadership program asked students to submit a marketing strategy utilizing six different emergent technologies. The goal of this strategy was to aid a Space Tourism industry that operated both as a B2C and an NGO. Alongside a team, I crafted a strategy to … Continue reading Market Strategy for Emergent Space Tourism Industry